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  • Established in 1936

  • Known as "Night Hawk Club"

  • Originally for group of men who got together to play games of cards.

  • Stanley Fergason was the first President/ Treasurer.

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  • In 1941, the Club name changed to "Les Sourds Club".

  • Meaning ‘The Deaf Mute Club’ in French.

  • Meetings were held at several homes and rented hall in downtown until the upper floors of Frye Building (on corner of Chestnut and Park).

  • Meetings were made at Frye building until this building was razed as part of Olathe’s Urban Renewal program.

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  • In 1949, the Club name was changed for 3rd time to "Olathe Club of the Deaf". 

  • The motion was made by Mr. Marra. 

  • Meetings were made at KSD Scout Cabin, St. Paul’s School, and various other locations.

  • Bought the church in 1977– Deaf community raised $5,000 in a month for down payment.

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